What is the Cost for knee Replacement Surgery in India?

Canadian patient shares her experience about the standards of Indian
doctors & health care

We should realize that cost for knee replacement varies widely from country to country.

While knee replacement surgery is very expensive in countries like the USA & Australia, it is quite affordable and inexpensive in India because of the following reasons.

International patients treated with compassion & care

Firstly the India Government has put a capping on the price of the knee Implants and so the cost for the knee implants has been slashed down to 30 to 50 % of their original price. The price capping also applies to imported implants including those approved by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Secondly, the Hospitals expenses are very reasonable when compared to the quality of service they provide & Doctors charges are significantly less compared to that in other countries.

Hospital in-patient rooms are cosy and cost-effective

Thirdly, a very few like us use high end technology (Computer Assisted Knee Replacement) for managing knee arthritis.  Yet we charge very reasonably so that it does not burden the patients in the end.

Cutting edge technology used by us to deliver unmatched results

Lastly, the cost for supportive therapy such as Physiotherapy and the cost of medicines and consumables are significantly low in India without compromise in the product standards and the quality of service.

Because of the above reasons India has become the most desired destination for medical tourism especially for patients who don’t have health insurance support for various reasons.

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