Painless Knee Replacement


Painless Knee Replacement

The first breakthrough was the advent of anesthesia in 1846, which broadened the scope of surgical intervention. Ever since various medications have been used to keep the patient pain free during and after the surgery. However after major surgeries such as total knee replacement pain control is challenging because of the peculiarity of the joint anatomy.

At Dr Kanna’s Clinic pain after knee replacement is no more an issue as we follow a specialized protocol which was co-published by Dr Rajkanna in an American journal, “Journal of Arthroplasty” in the year 2010. In this article he has described the Multimodal pain management method (Flow Chart) used to treat patients undergoing Knee surgeries. Outcome of this method has been very encouraging and has given us a lot more credits to add.

As a part of the protocol pain controlling medications are started 12 to 24 hours before surgery which prepares the central nervous system well in advance and closes the pain gate, so that the brain does not feel the pain at the time or after the surgery. Secondly the medications are carefully and rationally combines for maximum action with minimum or no side effects. Finally using cryo (ice) therapy and pain controlling pumps have revolutionized the pain management after such major surgeries

We routinely make the patient walk within 24hours after surgery and they will be able to claim stairs by fourth day. The advanced multimodal pain management method has helped in quickening the recovery process after surgery and has helped the patients to recover after knee replacement effortlessly.

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